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We ONLY hire Great People!

At Caring Transitions we’ve earned, undeniably, an amazing reputation among downsizers, executors, attorneys and clergy, because we set the bar high – in competence and integrity. We’re known for our eye-catching displays and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. We often start with a neglected, unorganized house and transform it into a creatively organized sale. We do this in a matter of days using the entire contents of the estate and our display equipment. Great people are the reason for our success throughout the past decade. We only hire A-game players. Are you able to bring 100% everyday?

Company qualifications include:
Strong work ethic
Quick learner
Ability to multi-task
Ability to work on your feet for several hours at a time
Comfortable in fast paced environment
Ability to meet deadlines
Honest & trustworthy
Must have reliable transportation as locations vary weekly

We are always looking for great people to fill several positions including:
Support Staff (Part-time and Full-time)
Set-up Specialist (Part-time and Full-time)
Sales Associate (Part-time – Friday, Saturday, Sunday only)

Support Staff (Part-time and Full-time)

This position is responsible for unloading and reloading our cargo van of equipment that’s used to display our client’s lifetime of memories. They provide assistance at setups with furniture, table and lighting placement, as well as learn general decluttering and displaying of garages, workshops and basements. The individual may also assist at estate sales and perform various support duties as requested. Due to these responsibilities, this position does require the individual to be able to lift up to 40 pounds (occasionally).

*Most team members start in this role due to the importance of this position and to better understand our industry. You will be trained and expected to perform these tasks to the best of your ability prior to moving on to an advanced position.

Setup Specialist (Part-time & Full-time positions)

This talented team is responsible for sorting, decluttering, cleaning and displaying the contents of each estate. They create and price our well-organized, eye-catching displays. Tasks include setup of all equipment – including tables, risers, lighting and other display equipment. These individuals learn to price common household items and finish through the project by working the estate sale days to sell the contents in the home. They also assist with the breakdown of equipment at the end of the sale. Individual must be willing to expand their identification and pricing knowledge through self-education. With this position, advancement to Project Lead/ Pricing Specialist is possible.

Desired qualifications for a Setup Specialist include a decorator’s eye, creative flair and the familiarity of the resale world.

Sales Associate (Part-time – Friday, Saturday and occasional Sundays only)

This team assists staff in producing a successful sale. Position includes greeting customers, answering questions and negotiating larger ticket items. They are also responsible for breaking down company equipment at the end of a sale. To fill this role, we’re looking for an assertive individual with superior customer service and the ability to multi-task. You must be available sale days.

Project Lead/ Pricing Specialist (Full-time)

This position is available to individuals who have fully mastered and exhibited complete knowledge of both the Support Staff and Setup Specialist roles. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the completion of the project from start to finish.

Please answer each question fully with complete details.

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  1. Which of these roles is the best fit for you?

  2. What are your key strengths and skills?

  3. What is your greatest weakness?

  4. What is your definition of hard work?

  5. Are you currently employed? Where?

  6. What do you do during your time off?

  7. Our standard workdays are between 8am and 6pm. Are there any days/hours you cannot work?

  8. For sales and auctions, it is critical that high end/more desirable items are displayed front and center. Can you identify different categories of vintage, antique or collectible items? Please elaborate on your knowledge of any categories of items.

  9. Have you worked in a retail setting?

  10. Additional comments or “Why you are perfect for this role?” ... Please include your salary requirements.

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