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Mr. Treadway has served as an estate executor 4 times.

Most Executors had a busy professional and personal life filled with activity and obligations...then something happened and they experienced a tremendous loss. Now they have been handed a project...while they are grieving. If you are helping an executor or serving as a Counselor, Estate Administrator or Trust Officer, we can serve as an effective resource for you and your client. If you are working with someone moving from their home, we can help them start with a new beginning.

As you already know, among the many responsibilities of an executor, one must "collect the assets" then "distribute the assets." This can add tremendous stress and anxiety to a busy life. We can help. A lot. We can provide you and those you help with peace of mind in difficult times.

Once family members and other parties have claimed tokens of sentimental value, one may be left with a home filled with a lifetime of accumulation. An Executor is often charged with emptying the home. We do that in such a way as to honor the memory of the loved one. We provide Caring Transitions.

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