Charitable Donations

After an estate sale, there are always items remaining. We recommend that you return to the home and decide if there are unsold items that you would rather keep than donate or discard.

We typically our donations crew to return a few days after the sale. This allows everyone time to review items remaining in the home and consider options.

For donations, our clients do not lift a finger. We create a detailed inventory of donated items (along with fair market value) and then wrap, pack or crate all items onto a truck that we rent. Additionally, we take care of materials required for the donations, including wrapping paper, bubble wrap, boxes, bins and anything else needed to facilitate donations. You don't have to lift a finger when you work with us. We deliver the donated items.

If the value of donated items is significant, you may need a Certified Appraisal. This will be done by a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) from the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Depending upon the donations amount, IRS Form 8283 will be completed and provided to you. Of course, you will receive the donations receipt from the non-profit organization.

We are committed environmentalists. If you think about what we do, it makes sense - we think everything in a home can be reused or repurposed. We do our very best to find a good home for everything. Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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